Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bus regulation is back

Hooray! I had no idea this was even in the pipeline, but according to The Times our local authorities now have the power to force bus companies into line through quality contracts for routes, fares, timetables, and technological enhancements (including introducing cashless smart cards such as Oyster) in a move which "reverses the deregulation of the bus industry by the Conservative Government in the 1980s" -- much like the current system in London where routes and the contracts to run them are drawn up by the council, and operators bid to run the services under their terms.

Hopefully now we'll finally begin to see some joined-up bus networks which truly integrate with each other and with other transport modes, and we can finally leave behind the ridiculous situation where passengers have to stand back and let buses going to their destination pass by simply because they're the wrong colour!

Oh, and Oyster cards for the rest of the country would be nice too :)

1 comment:

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